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The concept of the working environment is fast changing, and companies are beginning to value the importance of being truly global. With today’s technology, Clients in one city have access to expertise from any part of the world in a matter of seconds.  This collaborative and inclusive approach, is a true reflection of one of the pillars of RSP’s principles – Creating a truly Global Studio. The result? A dynamic, vibrant and adaptable creative studio, creating trends and promoting unique concepts and ideas. 

While the physical environment affects creativity and plays a key role in the design process, the way in which we interact within a team is crucial in enhancing productivity. The mindset of the team on a collective and individual level has a high impact on the design process and the global design leaders.

As RSP has been steadily growing, new design hubs are being strategically set-up to serve clients on the ground. Today, RSP is proud to identify 15 key hubs around the world:  

Global design hubs