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May 20 2014 | Animations


The Al Rajhi Bank Headquarters is a 203m tall Tower located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia that will serve as the headquarters for this esteemed financial institution. The design draws from the regional context by creating four monolithic piers or cores to shield the crystalline glass tower from the inclement weather. The cores house the services like lifts, toilets, MEP spaces and staircases while leaving the tower floor plate clear for open plan offices. While visually creating a strong landmark, the design makes a statement akin to entering a tall & narrow mountain pass to arrive at an oasis. The building includes a main lobby, an auditorium level, a restaurant level, a prayer hall level, typical office floors and transfer floors, and VIP floors. The design language used throughout the Al Rajhi tower continues across all floors, maintaining a minimalist, corporate approach. The Al Rajhi pattern is applied extensively at different offers a high quality work environment for its 3200 employees; the environment created addresses the needs, objectives, and mission of an acclaimed contemporary financial institution. scales and on different surfaces, including walls, floors, doors & columns. High-end marbles, wall finishes and marble finishes are extensively used.